Recommended Hardware

The time that it takes to calculate royalties is a function of  1) the number of sales records (line items), 2) the complexity of the royalty rules, 3) the workstation CPU and 4) the workstation RAM. For companies processing 200,000 or more sales records per royalty period hard drive performance; revolutions per minute and cache size, can impact processing speed.

Royalty software benchmarking tests have shown that an Intel 4th Generation i5-4440 (2013) processor will calculate royalties in 50% less time than an Intel 1st Generation i3-540 processor (2010).

Workstations with Microsoft Office installed can take advantage of the integrated Office functionality. Microsoft Word  integration allows users to utilize Word’s mail merge functionality to create printed contracts and letters to authors from template documents. If Microsoft Outlook is installed users to can email author(s) from within Easy Royalties. Microsoft Excel is recommended for sales analysis using pivot tables.

Below are the recommended hardware specifications for the workstation used to calculate royalties and generate royalty statements.

Up to 100,000 sales records per royalty period

  • Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Intel 1st (or later) Generation Core i3, i5 or i7 processor with 4GB of RAM

100,001 to 200,000 sales records per royalty period

  • Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Intel 3rd or 4th Generation Core i5 or i7 processor with 8GB of RAM

Over 200,000 sales records per royalty period

  • Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Intel 4th Generation Core i7 processor with 8GB of RAM

Over 300,000 sales records per royalty period

  • We recommend that the database files be stored on a dedicated 7,200 RPM or 10,000 RPM hard drive such as the Western Digital Black or Western Digital VelociRaptor models. A dedicated hard drive stores only the data files needed by Easy Royalties/That’s Rights. A dedicated hard drive can be a second hard drive installed in a standard desktop, an external USB 3.0 desktop storage device, a NAS (network attached storage) device or a windows file server.

If you are processing more than 400,000 sales records per royalty period we recommend that you consider upgrading to more powerful royalty software such as; Fadel Partners IPM SuiteKlopotek Rights & Royalties, Real Software Systems Alliant or Virtusales BiblioRoyalties. These solutions utilize parallel processing and run on Microsoft SQL or Oracle databases. This can reduce the time that it takes to generate statements by 80% or more.

Fadel Partners and Real Software Systems are general purpose royalty solutions. Klopotek and Virtusales offer hosted and stand-alone book publishing specific royalty solutions with optional modules for production management, title information management, and content management. All four solutions are highly scalable applications that can support hundreds of users and process millions of sales transactions. Each has an online portal where royalty recipients can login to view their current and prior royalty statements.

Tip: To maximize statement processing speed no other workstations; other than the one generating statements, should be logged into Easy Royalties. No other applications; such as Excel or Word, should be running on the workstation running the royalty software while statements are being created.