Control default record list display

Our royalty software record lists displays all records by default. You can change this in the Options or Advanced find window.

Options Menu

1. Press the Options button on the right side of the record list

2. The View options window appears


From the View options window you can;

  1. Have the software ask you whether to load all items
  2. Always load all items
  3. Load no items until Show All or a search is performed


Advanced Find Window

1. Click Advanced… to open up the Advanced find window


Enter your search criteria and press the Set as default button to show only records meeting this criteria when opening the referenced record list.

Example: Show only sales records for the current year in the sales record list.

2. Enter the search criteria

3. Press the Set as default button on the left side of the Advanced find window.

You can clear this default setting by pressing the Clear default button.