How to Select Records in a Record List

A record list displays a list of a records. Authors, contracts, payments, royalty statements, editions and titles are examples of record lists.

Example 1: Author record list


To generate or print statements, print reports or export data you must select the record(s) that the desired functionality will apply to. There are four ways to do this;

  1. Select one record
  2. Select all records
  3. Select individual records
  4. Select a range of records

1. To select one record click the mouse on the desired record.

2. To select all records go to Edit > Select all or press the Ctrl+Alt keys on your keyboard at the same time.


3. To select individual records press the Ctrl key while selecting the records.


4. To select a range of records select the first record in the range, then press the shift key down while selecting the last record in the range.