How to view editions that contain bundles

In our royalty software editions; products, can be bundles of other products. Bundles are also called albums, collections or sets. To filter the edition record list to show only bundles;

1. Go to the Editions menu to show the editions record list

2 Select Columns on the left side of the screen

3. In the Columns windows in the Available columns list select the Is a bundle field

4. Select Add > to add this field to the Selected columns list

5. Move this field to the top of the list by pressing Move Up or Move Down

6. Press OK to return to the Editions record list.

7. Then go to Find: and enter an asterisk; *

8. Select in the In: drop down list the “Is a bundle” field

9. Select Go

10. This will display a list of all editions that are composed of multiple products.

PS: You can skip steps 1 though 6 and go directly to step 7.