What are bundles?

Bundles are also called sets or collections. A bundle can be composed of 20 different products, 20 copies of a single product, or 1 copy of product A and 10 copies of product B. When a bundle is sold the component sales quantity and allocated revenue flow through to the component product.


  • A collection of four books by four different authors
  • An album of 10 songs.
  • A set of 10 workbooks and a teachers guide
  • A case of 20 Hermit the Frog bobble heads

Our royalty software allows the user to specify the quantity of each bundle component and how the revenue will be allocated among the component parts.

Bundles are created by populating the bundles tab of an edition record.

Example 1: A set of two travel books


Example 2: Songs on a CD Album


Example 3: A case of 24 copies of a title


Note that a bundle edition can only be included in titles that contain no components of the bundle. Also, a bundle cannot be a component of another bundle.

Tip: Create a separate title for all bundle editions in a category. If you sell sets of cooking books and travel books, create a separate titles for Cooking Book Sets and Travel Book Sets. Then add editions for each bundle of cooking books to the title: Cooking Book Sets. If you sell music create a bundle title for each release year; 2012 Albums, 2013 Albums, 2014 Albums. To each year’s title add the bundle (Album) editions that were released that year.