Royalty Software Guide

This guide lists royalty software accounting solutions for book publishers, film, music, software, pharmaceutical and mineral resource companies.

Royalty Software Vendor Directory

EasyRoyalties offers is an affordable and powerful royalty software solution. Handles complex royalty contracts and allows the user to import authors, titles, contracts, sales and royalty payments. You can expand its functionality with That’s Rights, optional rights management and permissions management modules integrate with Easy Royalties. A free 30 day trial version is available. Priced at $500 to $18,000 USD.  Used by companies in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom. Over 80 clients in North America.  Offices in New York and the UK. Version 4 was released in December 2014. (updated June 2016)

AVATAR Royalties is designed to deal with the calculation and payment of contributor fees and advances.  This module can be seamlessly integrated with other AVATAR modules such as Sales Order Processing, Purchase Ledger, General Ledger, Project Costing and Stock Control. AVATAR is for medium to large publishers.

Backbeat Solutions royalty software is hosted in the cloud on powerful IBM iServers. This solution offers even the smallest business the power  that processes royalties in seconds Midrange and major companies which already utilize these servers locally are still able to host the software themselves. For film, music and print royalties.

Backlash Solutions for music distributors and music labels. Their flagship product SR1 Label supports the day-to-day operations of an independent record label, and our latest product SR1 Distributor supports the day-to-day operations of an independent music distributor.

Bradbury Phillips offers three royalty software products; Rights 2000, Agents’ Accounts and Authors’ Royalties. Available in standalone and hosted versions.  Free trial version is available. Bradbury Phillips has a client base of 250+ publishers and literary agents.

Eclipse Rights and Royalty Management integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) software.

Elan Rights and Royalties from the Media Services group is a powerful and easy to use hosted solution. Priced at about $7,000/year per user. Optional modules available for editorial and production management.

IBS Rightsmaster is a available as a standalone and hosted .NET application. This specialized software module is designed to manage the complexities of contracts, rights and royalties in any medium.  Rightsmaster Works Management function enables the splitting of intellectual property into fragments and identifying the fragments independently in hierarchical relationship. These fragments can then be combined with fragments of other works to form new products, while always retaining their association to the original contract.

knkPublishing offers a solution that integreate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV(Navision). The knkPublishing solution includes title information management, subscriptions and production management. (updatged 8/20/2011)

Korrect Royalty Software for music publishers. (updated 8/20/2011)

MaxQ Royalty Management solution integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and SP (Solomon). It automatically creates general ledger entries that record the accural of royalty expenses and it creates accounts payable vouchers when statements are generated.

Metacomet solution; Royalty Tracker, is highly scalable and designed for rapid implementation. Metacomet has an optional royalty management service. If you sign up for this service they will create your contracts as needed, import your sales files, and generate your royalty statements. A hosted royalty accounting solution is available for smaller companies. The hosted solution is priced at about $12,000/year for 3 users.

Simply Royalties is an affordable administration software package for music publishers. They understand cost is a factor in buying a new system when your legacy application seems to be working and their services include providing support to the Right Track Solutions DOS Application. (updated 9/17/2013)

Stison Royalties Manager is a royalty software solution from London based Stison. This solution can import all royalty rules from a Bradbury Phillips Royalty system for companies migrating from Bradbury Phillips. Price is 11,000 GBP; including Title Manager. Production, rights and web manager modules are available. Their customer base ranges from some of the largest well known publishers in the world down to small one person operations. Stison has customers in Canada, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, the UK and the United States.

Virtusales Contracts, Rights and Royalties module handles royalty accounting for book publishers. Their hosted solution is an affordable solution for smallpublishers, while larger publishers can implement their software as a standalone solution. Their smallest client has sales of a few million, while their largest client has sales of $1B+.

Solutions for Larger Companies

The royalty management solutions listed below have extensive internal controls that meet the requirements of companies subject to Sarbanes Oxley.

F.Logic offers a flexible and highly scalable rights and royalty software solution. (updated 4/2012)

IBS Rights, Royalties and Permissions is a powerful royalty software solution supported by a $300M USD publicly traded company.

Ingenta Commercial is designed for publishing companies with sales of $10M+ to over $1B USD. The Contracts, Rights and Royalties application as part of its end-to-end operations framework, advance. Available as an integrated suite or standalone solution, the format-agnostic Royalties module is the only system on the market able to handle the complexities and nuances of today’s most creative deals. Featuring sophisticated cash flow forecasting, multicurrency calculations and tracking across various products and content types, advance CRR draws from decades of enterprise systems experience but was designed especially for the digital marketplace. Flexible, configurable and user-friendly, the Royalties module can be installed on site or hosted over the Web to better serve authors and rights owners with confidence from initial contract to final payment. Publishing Technology’s next-generation advance royalties solution is now live at several publishers including McGraw-Hill Education, Sterling Publishing and Thieme Medical Publishers.

Klopotek’s software is for companies with sales of $30M+ USD. Klopotek’s advantages are its scalability; it runs on Oracle, and production management functionality that allows a book publisher to manage the entire editorial process from contract signing through to the production of a title. Klopotek has an optional module that allows authors access royalty balances via the internet. A hosted solution is available for companies with sales of $5M to $30M.

Proteus Royalties Accounting is designed to comply with the Walt Disney licensing rules and integrated with the Proteus financial accounting solution.

REAL Software Systems offers a highly flexible and scalable royalty solution that services the needs of publishers, pharmaceutical companies, film companies, music companies, industrial firms and software companies. Designed for companies with sales of $50M+.

RightsLogic from RSG Media offers a powerful software solution for film, music, cable, video game and intellectual property owners.  Customers include McGraw-Hill, NBC Universal, Electronic Arts, Paramount Pictures, and Major League Baseball.

RoyaltyZone is an affordable web based software used by intellectual property Licensors and Agents to increase royalty revenue, automate time consuming compliance tasks, and make better licensing decisions. (updated 4/2012)

SAP IPM solution is used by media companies such as Oxford University Press and C.H. Beck to improve their royalty accounting processes.

United ERP’s royalty software solution can be integrated with your existing Microsoft Dynamics platform or operate as a standalone solution. Customers include MGA Entertainment, Iconix Brand Group and Studio 100.

Virtusales Contracts, Rights and Royalties module handles royalty accounting for book publishers. This module can function as a stand-alone module that integrates with your accounts payable system.  For medium to large book publishers. Random House, the largest English language trade publisher uses Virtusales for rights and royalties.

Vistex Counterpoint Suite provides specialized solutions to administer rights and royalty processes critical for the Music, Media and Licensing industries. To effectively manage large amounts of data (business assets), including content, digital media, and IP, a robust and flexible solution is required. Vistex offers software that provides businesses with the ability to effectively manage, automate and simplify processes and ensure that all monies due or owed are properly administered. The Counterpoint Suite by Vistex is designed by industry experts with first-hand experience within these market sectors.

Resource Management

Integra royalty software provides oil and gas royalty owners with comprehensive property and financial reporting.

PANexus is a production royalty solution for oil companies. The royalty accounting management module can be purchased or leased.

Pops Royalty Manager tracks and managing mineral, oil and gas royalty income producing property, including fee land and severed interest. (Updated 8/20/2011)

Royalty Management Program helps oil, gas and mineral owners manage their royalty ownership. This includes tools to help you mange the associated bonus, rental, seismic, and royalty income for each property that you own. A free 30 day trial version is available.

Well Profits software for oil and gas investors & royalty owners to easily track investments and make real-time decisions based on profit & loss. Free trial version available.

Other Resources offers a complete list of software solutions for book publishers. Here you will find a directory of solutions that target financial, editorial, production, sales and royalty management. We really like their chart of tier 1 and tier 2 software solutions. Tier 1 software is the 2 to 4 dominant solutions for a market segment and the tier 2  solutions are their less popular competitors. has articles on software solutions for royalty management. Sometimes the article will tell you which publisher purchased what software and if you contact the publisher you can find out why they made their choice.

QuickBooks Royalty Software website is focused on how to manage royalties using the QuickBooks accounting software. is another source of information on software solutions for publishers. The site is divided into two sections. One section for small publishers and another for large publishers. is a relatively new site. It offers information about best practices in royalty management along with a guide to royalty software and a blog with the latest developments in the industry.

Royalty Accounting is a kindle book that covers best practices in royalty accounting.


We provide this listing because we want you to select the right royalty software for your company.

EasyRoyalties is really good. It’s powerful and affordable. We like it a lot. We can help you implement it really fast. But, its not for everyone. You need to select the royalty management software that can best meet your needs.



  • Affordable – Prices range from $500 to $18,000. Substantially less than most competitors
  • Powerful – Supports a wide variety of royalty rules
  • Clients in more than 10 countries
  • Clients with 50 to over 10,000 products
  • Customer support is provided via email, telephone and online screen sharing


  • Maximum of 5 users.
  • Microsoft Access database. This limits the database size to 2GB. Most EasyRoyalties clients have a database of 10MB to 250MB.

If you know of a rights and royalties application not listed that has 30+ clients using their software, can import sales and is actively marketed as standalone royalty software let us know.