Authors + Titles = Royalty Contracts

To create a royalty contract you first create the author and title records.

Authors; also called royalty recipients, are people or organizations to whom your organization pays royalties.

Titles; also called properties, are the intellectual property that your company is licensing. Each title; also called IP, may be linked to one or several editions (products). A property may be the content of book. The editions are formats that the book is available in; hardcover, paperback and eBook. A property may be a song that is delivered to the user as in various editions; DVD, CD or a digital download.

Royalty contracts are linked to one title and one or more authors. A title can be linked to one or more contracts.

Royalty Contracts + Sales = Royalty Statements

Royalty statements are calculated from sales records using the royalty rules entered in the royalty contract associated to the title (property).

You can enter sales records manually; from the sales record list, or by importing a sales file(s). Sales records can be in your domestic currency or a foreign currency.

After sales records are entered you can create royalty statement by going to the royalty statement record list and selecting NEW.

From the statement record list’s documents button you can print statements and customize the look of easy statement. You can choose the statement style, what fields appear on the statement and change the text that is linked to each field.