Author Relations

Managing royalties is not just about generating statements, its also about managing author relations. If you ignore the author it may cause the author to take his next manuscript elsewhere. A really upset and well-financed author may request a audit of his statements. His tales of woe may discourage other authors from signing with your press.

EasyRoyalties software is not just royalty software, it can also be used as an author relations tool. You can use the mail-merge feature in Microsoft Word to automatically generate customized letters to each author.

To set this up in Microsoft Word use the Mail Merge Wizard. On the first screen select “Use an Existing List” and then select “Select a different list.” This will bring up the Select Data Source window where you will select Connect to New Data Source, then select Other/Advanced. This brings up another window and you select select Microsoft Access 12.0 database engine. After pressing next the connection tab will show. Here you enter the location of your Easy Royalties data file. The default location is:

C:\Program Files\JDC Software\EasyRoyalties\data\trdata.dat

After entering the above file location press Test Connection.

After you connect to the data file, select the Author table. This contains core author information.

Now you can insert EasyRoyalty information; such as the author name and address, into your template letters.

Many publishers send authors a royalty letter that explains the layout of the royalty statements and includes contact information to use if they have questions about the statements. Some book publishers use this to generate a quarterly or semi-annual newsletter that they send to authors. The newsletters highlight new titles released, awards won by authors of the press, new rights sales and what featured authors are doing to market their titles.

Remember, Easy Royalties software is not just about generating statements. It can also help you improve your author relations.