Amazon on Kindle’s Text To Speech Feature

An Amazon press release of February 27, 2009 stated that in regard to the Kindle 2’s text to speech functionality;

“we are modifying our systems so that rightsholders can decide on a title by title basis whether they want text-to-speech enabled or disabled for any particular title. We have already begun to work on the technical changes required to give authors and publishers that choice. With this new level of control, publishers and authors will be able to decide for themselves whether it is in their commercial interests to leave text-to-speech enabled.”

Read the full Kindle 2 press release

eBook Royalty Rates – Part 2

The Publishers Weekly article “Taking Steps into the Digital Future” stated that;

“In July, S&S sent an e-book amendment to many of its authors in which it tried to set a rate of 15% off the “catalog retail price” of the e-book. [Read more…]

eBook Royalty Rates

Wondering what eBook royalty rates are being offered by traditional publishers? Midwestern literary agent Kirstin posted the rates that she is seeing on her blog, and these rates correspond to what we see in the market. [Read more…]