Easy Royalties Update V3.11.100

This Easy Royalties Update is available to all users of our royalty software at www.erupdate.net

This update resolves mouse over menu item issues caused by the Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating system update of August 14, 2012.

Terminal Services Setup for Remote Users

Users in remote offices using PCs can access Easy Royalties via Windows Terminal Services.  [Read more…]

Error 02. Program Shuts Down on Starting

How to solve a situation where slower computers, limited memory, or overloaded registries cause Easy Royalties to shutdown when the program is opened.

Easy Royalties uses Microsoft Office runtime libraries when it executes. If you have Microsoft Office installed, there are some cases (slower computers, limited memory, overloaded registries, or other situations) where Easy Royalties might start up and link to the wrong copies of the Microsoft Office libraries that it uses (it may link to your copies of the Office libraries, instead of its own copies). When this happens, Easy Royalties may not function properly. This problem can sometimes be avoided by setting a parameter in the startup shortcut, as described in the instructions below.


1. On your desktop, select the icon for Easy Royalties! (but don’t double-click – i.e. select the icon, but don’t launch the program)

2. Right mouse-click, and select “Properties”

3. Click the “Shortcut” tab

4. Look at the field labelled “Target”. It should look something like this:
“C:\Program Files\Common Files\SagekeySoftware\StartAccess_2003.exe”
-CMD=”Software\JDC Software\Easy Royalties”
(pathnanmes may be slightly different on your system)

5. You need to insert, just before the “-CMD=…”, the following text: -WAIT=30000

(put your cursor in the field and slide to the right, or use the arrow keys, to get to “-CMD”)

6. Now the whole thing should read something like this (except for any differences in pathnames): “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sagekey Software\StartAccess_2003.exe” -WAIT=30000-CMD=”Software\JDC Software\Easy Royalties”

7. Now try launching Easy Royalties (by double-clicking the icon)

Remember, if you have any problems with the software please can contact us.  Technical support for Easy Royalties is free.

MS Access Error Solution

Error 01. After installing the program I get an error message related to MS Access 2003 when I try to run it.

Some background on EasyRoyalties & Access:

– The installation kit for EasyRoyalties includes 2 products: 

1. Microsoft Office Access 2003 Runtime
2. EasyRoyalties

– After installing EasyRoyalties, if you go to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs (or Control Panel -> Programs & Features if you’re on Vista), you should find both the products listed above.

– If the EasyRoyalties installation kit “thinks” that Microsoft Office Access 2003 Runtime is already installed, it won’t install it again – it will skip that step. This is something that could have conceivable happened here.

– You can “force” the installation of MS Office Access 2003 Runtime by downloading the installation product for just that product – from here:


– We have seen the following happen on a couple of occasions: it appears that Access 2003 Runtime is missing; you try to install it (from the kit on the “utilities” download page above), but you get a message that it’s already installed (or a “repair/remove?” type message) – you can’t get rid of it, and you can’t re-install it. In that case, use the Microsoft MSI Uninstall Utility (also available on the page above) to completely remove Access 2003 Runtime, then install it again.