Royalty Software Setup Service

EasyRoyalties provides a database setup service to new clients with an Enhanced or Premium Support plan.

We will import authors, titles and royalty contracts for publishers that can provide the following information; [Read more…]

Clickfree backup, Editor's Choice!

Last month we recommended Clickfree to backup your royalty software data files, today it received the Editor’s Choice Award from PC Magazine.

 “There’s no easier method of computer backup currently available on the market, and that alone earns the Clickfree HD325 our Editors’ Choice for portable backup solutions. Though it’s more of a document backup system, you can think of it as a lifeboat for your files. It comprehensively searches and backs up your digital life, and backing up is something that we all need to do. The HD325 is so simple that you’ll have no excuse not to.”

Read the Clickfree Backup Review

Regardless of the royalty software that you company uses, backing up your data is essential. We recommend that small publishers protect their data files with a Clickfree drive and an on-line data backup service.

Optimal Hardware for Royalty Software

Does your PC generate statements slowly, while your associate’s zooms through the process? [Read more…]

Backup Plan

While large companies religiously backup their data files every night, many small publishers don’t.

Backing up your royalty software data files is critical. Hard drives go bad, computers get infected by viruses that wipe data, power surges can fry electronic equipment, and broken water pipes can flood your office.  [Read more…]

Implementation Overview

A high level overview of the royalty software implementation process is available in the downloads section of this website. [Read more…]