Kindles Sales Import

A new Tech Note describes how to import the multi-currency Amazon Kindle KDP royalty report into Easy Royalties.

To do this in Easy Royalties you;

1. Go to your Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) dashboard and download the royalty report (an Excel .xls file) for the month.

2. Scan the report for any foreign currency transactions and enter the exchange rates for these currencies in the Easy Royalties foreign exchange table located under the Options, settings & lists menu.

3. Then go to File > Imports > Amazon KDP to import your royalty file. This import requires V3.11.248 or above. Licensed users can download a free update from the Easy Royalties customer portal.

Amazon eBook Sales Imports

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing provides publishers with a multi-currency sales file. There is a separate section for each currency – CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc. Each row has the Amazon ASIN; not the ISBN, as the product identifier. Download this document on how to import Amazon sales or read our how-to summary below. [Read more…]

ISBN 10 and ISBN 13 Imports

Easy Royalties stores the ISBN 10 as an ISBN 13 number. If you import an ISBN 10 and an ISBN 13 is already in the database it will consider this to be a match and will update the existing record if “Verify ISBN” is turned on in the system options screen. This royalty software functionality faciliates the import of historical sales that use the ISBN 10 product identifier.

When importing historical sales into Easy Royalties you need to assign a sales type of “historical” to each sales record. Historical sales are used to determine a starting escalator quantity and to report life to date sales dollars and quantities for each title. Royalty earnings are not calculated for historical sales records.

Import QuickBooks Products

Easy Royalties software can import titles from your QuickBooks accounting software.

To do this you must;

1. Set up your book products in QuickBooks.

Enter into the Item listing; the book’s ISBN into the Item Number field, the title code into the Manufacturers Part Number field (MPN). Define a new field for the product format (i.e. hardcover, paperback).

2. Create a customized item listing report that includes the MPN field, Description, Retail Price, and the format field.

3. Export the customized item listing to Excel and delete empty rows.

4. Import the Excel file into Easy Royalties (File > Title Import)

The MPN field will be mapped to the Title Code, the Item to the ISBN, the Description to the Title, the Retail Price to the Price field and the format field to the Edition Format field.

You can also use this procedure to update title and price information in Easy Royalties after you change  information in QuickBooks.

Import QuickBooks Authors

Learn how to export author information from QuickBooks and import it into the EasyRoyalties software.

The steps are detailed in a new document added to the downloads section of this website that shows you how this is done in three steps;

Step 1. Create the modified vendor contact list report.

Step 2. Export the report to a new Excel worksheet, and delete the top three rows that contain the company name, report name and report date.

Step 3. Import the Excel worksheet into the EasyRoyalties software.

Importing author contact information into your royalty software will save you lots of time.

Importing Titles Manual V01

The Importing Titles & Editions Manual has been added to the downloads section of the website. [Read more…]

Quickbooks Sales Imports 01

Do you want to import Quickbooks sales information into EasyRoyalties? Its easy. To do this you will need to export a Sales by Item Detail report to Excel. In Excel we sort the report by the date column and delete [Read more…]