QuickBooks Royalty Software Configuration

The 7 steps for configuring QuickBooks to work with Easy Royalties are detailed in this document.

A major advantage of Easy Royalties is that you can export products, royalty recipients, and sales from QuickBooks and import this information into Easy Royalties. You can export payments from Easy Royalties and import these payments; using a 3rd party application, into QuickBooks.

The document covers the seven steps for configuring QuickBooks for use with Easy Royalties.

  1. Activate account numbering
  2. Configure product records
  3. Activate and create pricing levels
  4. Define vendor types for royalty recipients
  5. Configure customer records
  6. Create general ledger accounts for royalties
  7. Create export report

Download: 7 Steps to Configuring QuickBooks for Easy Royalties


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Import QuickBooks Sales

Importing QuickBooks sales into our royalty software is an easy three step process.
First, generate a Sales by Item Detail Report. Modify this report to turn off  headers and footers. Memorize the report under a new name; i.e. Easy Royalties Sales Detail Report, so that you will not need to make these changes in the future.
Second, export this report to Excel, being careful to select Send header to screen in Excel in the Advanced tab of the Export Report window. This will place the field names in the first row of the spreadsheet.

QuickBooks Export Report Settings

Third, in Easy Royalties go to File > Import  > Sales Entries

In the Mapping Section of the Import Screen note the settings for Ignore rows when any of the following fields are blank. If an indicated field is blank then this row of sales data will not be imported. In the example below a row will be excluded if the date or item number (i.e. ISBN) cells are blank.

QuickBooks Import File Map

In the screenshot below you can see which rows (those with a red line) will not be imported.

QuickBooks Royalties Setup

Quickbooks can  work with the Easy Royalties software.  You can export authors, products and sales from Quickbooks and import this information into Easy Royalties. This post tells you how to setup your  vendor (author) and item (product) files to work with the Easy Royalties.

First, you need to define a vendor type called “Author”, and assign this vendor type to all author and agent vendors. This will allow you to export only your author vendors.

Second, populate your item list with the ISBN and title code of each product that you sell.  The ISBN should go into the item number field and the title code populates the manufacturer part number (MPN) field.  Though each book must have a unique ISBN, the various editions of a book; paper, hardcover, eBook, can share the same title code.


  • How to Cook, paper, ISBN 9781000000008, Title Code: HTC
  • How to Cook, hardcover, ISBN 978222222333X, Title Code: HTC
  • Martian Cooking, paper, ISBN, 9783444444400, Title Code: MC
  • Martian Cooking, eBook, ISBN, 978450000099, Title Code: MC

Third, in the item list define new fields to store the book’s format (paper, cloth, eBook, etc.) and publication date.

After your lists are updated with the correct vendor type, ISBN, title code, format and publication date you are ready to export author and product information from Quickbooks so that it can be imported into Easy Royalties software.

Import QuickBooks Products

Easy Royalties software can import titles from your QuickBooks accounting software.

To do this you must;

1. Set up your book products in QuickBooks.

Enter into the Item listing; the book’s ISBN into the Item Number field, the title code into the Manufacturers Part Number field (MPN). Define a new field for the product format (i.e. hardcover, paperback).

2. Create a customized item listing report that includes the MPN field, Description, Retail Price, and the format field.

3. Export the customized item listing to Excel and delete empty rows.

4. Import the Excel file into Easy Royalties (File > Title Import)

The MPN field will be mapped to the Title Code, the Item to the ISBN, the Description to the Title, the Retail Price to the Price field and the format field to the Edition Format field.

You can also use this procedure to update title and price information in Easy Royalties after you change  information in QuickBooks.

Import QuickBooks Authors

Learn how to export author information from QuickBooks and import it into the EasyRoyalties software.

The steps are detailed in a new document added to the downloads section of this website that shows you how this is done in three steps;

Step 1. Create the modified vendor contact list report.

Step 2. Export the report to a new Excel worksheet, and delete the top three rows that contain the company name, report name and report date.

Step 3. Import the Excel worksheet into the EasyRoyalties software.

Importing author contact information into your royalty software will save you lots of time.

Quickbooks Sales Imports 01

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