Royalty Software Selection

Publishers, manufacturers and software companies often ask is Easy Royalties the best software for them. The answer is, it depends. You need to look at your budget, your requirements, the competition and contact references to select the software that best meets the needs of your company.  Easy Royalties is best suited for companies that will have 5 or fewer concurrent users and will import fewer than 100K sales transactions monthly. [Read more…]

Royalty Software for Large Publishers

The leading royalty software solutions for large book publishers with revenue of $100M+ are; Klopotek, Publishing Technology’s Advance, VirtuSales, Royalty Tracker from Metacomet, Alliant from Real Software Systems and Intellectual Property Management from SAP. [Read more…]

Sterling Implements Advance Royalty Software

9 February 2011– Publishing Technology plc (LSE: PTO), the largest provider of software and services to the Publishing industry, is very pleased to announce the first live installation of the new advance Contract, Rights & Royalties (CR&R) solution. [Read more…]

Royalty Accounting Software

Royalty accounting software core functionality requirements are; [Read more…]

Royalty Software Selection

How do you select the right royalty software? For many royalty paying companies it is based on;

  • How much they want to spend
  • The size of their company
  • The royalty rules used in their contracts
  • Whether they are looking for a stand-alone royalty solution or an integrated royalty solution
  • References from users of the software [Read more…]

Anytime Software Demos

One-on-one demos of our royalty software are available 24 hours a day. Whether you are in New York, Sidney, or Hong Kong we can provide you with a demo during your normal business hours.

When a prospect in Australia contacted us for a demo at 9:30 AM local time (that’s 7:30 PM EST, our local time), we gave a demo that lasted from 7:30PM to 8:45PM EST.  When a prospect in Hong Kong contacted us for a demo we gave one that lasted from 11:00PM to 1:00AM EST, our time.

So, if you would like to schedule an on-line demo feel free to contact us.

Microsoft Dynamics Royalty Software

A royalty solution for Microsoft Dynamics is available from United ERP. Their software can be deployed as a fullly intergrated module or deployed as a standalone system that integrates with your existing software.

United ERP is a Microsoft Partner specializing in Royalty Management Software and implementation for companies in entertainment, publishing, and merchandising. Their Royalty Management Solution monitors contracts, tracks the product development approval process, provides automatic royalty calculations, performs compliance checks with audit tracking, automates statement reporting and forecasting, and much more. It seamlessly creates the journal entries for the general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable systems as well. It provides the toolset to for companies to actively manage and fully leverage their intellectual property by making more informed decisions based on real-time financial and market insight. 

More information is available from their website: .  

United ERP clients include Playboy Enterprises, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Theatrical Rights Worldwide, Studio 100, Codemasters and MGA Entertainment.

AXIP is multi-language/currency, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant and doesn’t require massive costs or implementation time while maintaining the unique way businesses are run, preserving their best practices.  AX features two modules that provide total visibility for license-related activity, sales of licensed products and royalty payment history for both licensees and licensors.

BEA 2009 Hosted Royalty Software

Today at Book Expo America we visited three exhibiting vendors that offer hosted (software as a service) royalty software solutions.

Each vendor offers powerful software solutions that can be accessed via any personal computer – a PC or MAC – that has internet access. These SAS; software as a service, offerings eliminate the need for an IT staff to manage the software, train your staff and backup the data.

In summary;

  1. We found that The Media Services Group offering to be powerful and extremely easy to use. 
  2. The Klopotek solution offers a wide range of integrated expansion options – editorial management, production management, title information, etc.
  3. Publishing Technology’s rights and royalties solution features end-user customization options and powerful work process controls.
  4. Each solution is comparably priced and highly scalable.
  5. Each solution offers integrated rights management functionality.
  6. Each solution on a highly scalable MS SQL or Oracle database engine.

If you are looking for a hosted royalty software we recommend that you 1) conduct a business process review to document your current and future requirements, 2) compare the functionality of each solution against your requirements and 3) select the one that best meets your requirements (after checking references).

Elan Rights and Royalties

Elan Rights and Royalties is one of  four hosted royalty solutions that we recommend to publishers with revenue of $5M to $30M USD.

The other solutions are Klopotek, Publishing Technology and Royalty Tracker.

Why Elan?

First, Elan is a modern .NET 100% browser based application. You don’t have to install any applications on the user’s PC or MAC. Yes, this software can be accessed by both PC and MAC users. The backend database is MS SQL. The report engine is Crystal Reports.

Second, the software features an Inductive User Interface. This means that the software is extremely easy to use and that can it can be adapted to the requirements of its users. Compared to other software implementations its like night and day. The interface can be customized to the user, it utilizes Wizards to guide the user and it has integrated help.

Third, the Elan solution is hosted at mirrored sites at world class data centers. Two hosting sites are located in the United States and a third is located in London. All data is mirrored (copied) from one site to the others. If one goes down you will have seamless access from the other two hosting sites.

Four, Elan features automated report delivery to management and authors.

Fifth, Elan is offered by The Media Services Group, a company with a diversified client base of 400 book and magazine publishers.

The price?

According to an article in Book Business Magazine the price for this hosting solution is $900/month. That’s $10,800 a year or $54,000 over five years. The hosted solution includes technical support, software upgrades and data backups.

PS:  Are you wondering why we mention the competition? It’s because we want you to pick the best solution for your company. We like Easy Royalties alot. Its affordable and powerful.  We can help you implement it really fast; however, its not for everyone.

Look at all the solutions within your budget, check references and select the royalty software that best meets your requirements.

Royalty Software Leaders

The leading royalty and rights software solutions for book publishers include Klopotek, Publishing Technology, Bradbury Phillips, Elan Book, Royalty Tracker by MetaComet and Easy Royalties.

Each of these vendors has a large client base of publishers and actively promote their software to book publishers as a stand-alone rights and royalty software solution that can import sales information from your existing system(s).

Klopotek offers powerful standardized rights and royalty software functionality along with an optional module that gives author and agents online access to their royalty statements. What sets Klopotek apart from the competition is its breath of large clients and the close integration with their production management modules. Klopotek is for companies with sales of $25M+.

On Klopotek’s heals is Publishing Technology’s new .NET based rights and royalties software.  Publishing technology designed their software in a manner that allows their clients to easily customized it. More importantly, the Publishing Technology solution incorporates power work process controls. This royalty software is targeted at companies with sales of $10M+.

Elan Rights and Royalties is a powerful and easy to use hosted royalty software solution that runs on a MS SQL platform.  Priced at $900/month for a hosted solution or $25,000 for a stand-alone solution (according to an article in Book Business).

Bradbury Phillips offers publishers a choice of hosted or stand-alone rights and royalty software applications. They are a market leader and their software is used by book publishers and literary agents.

MetaComet’s RoyaltyTracker software is a powerful and easy to use application that can manage 100,000+ roylaty contracts. In the past its been used by only the largest publishers; however, they recently released a hosted version that  small and mid-sized publishers can afford.

Easy Royalties is a relatively new royalty software solution. Its comparatively low price and ease of use targets small publishers. An optional rights management module is available.

Which software is best for your firm? Each of the solutions listed above has a solid customer base and offers unique strengths. You need to pick the solution that best meets the current and future needs of your company.

In the case of Easy Royalties, we recommend this software to publishers  looking for a  powerful, easy to use and low cost royalty solution. This solution lacks some of the bells of whistles of it competitors; however, it also offers its own unique advantages.

Example; MSGL’s Elan Rights and Royalties software allows the user to email royalty statements to authors. Publishing Technology’s royalty software solution allows the user to customized the screen and field names. Klopotek’s software allows authors and agents to access sales and royalty reports on-line. 

Easy Royalties does not offer these features. What it does offer is a low price; about $500 to $10,000 USD, with no required maintenance contract. Technical support is free.