How to Show Free Copies on Royalty Statements

Many publishers provide free books to potential reviewers. Publishers that are part of Kindle Select may offer the Kindle version for free to raise awareness of a book series or gain reviews for a new title. A publisher that uses a marketing service such as Bookbub to promote “free” eBooks can distribute several hundred to several thousand books in just a few days. [Read more…]

V4 – Royalty Schedules

In our royalty software every royalty contract is attached to a royalty schedule.

The royalty schedule determines 1) when royalty statements are generated, 2) the royalty statement format, 3) where PDFs of the statements are stored and 4) what email template is attached to emailed royalty statements. [Read more…]

New statement style option: Reserves-sales based

A new royalty statement style option was added for publishers that have sales based reserves. With sales based reserves the reserve is shown as a reduction in sales, not a reduction in royalty earnings payable.  In both cases the royalties earned by author are the same. [Read more…]

Customizable Royalty Statements

Easy Royalties software allows the user to customize the look of their royalty statements. You can show summary information or detailed sales information. You have a choice of how each section of the statement is titled.

You can select this options after selecting print royalty statements. The options you have are shown on three tabs; main statement, summaries and headers & footers.

This makes it easy to customize the statement for different types of products; books, dvds, software, music, etc.

Example; a book publisher’s statements might label editions “editions”, an art museum can all it “artworks” and a music publisher might use the term “songs.”

Royalty Statements Options 1

royalty statement option 2

Multi-title Royalty Statement

To report royalties by title in a report that has one row for each title use the multi-title royalty statement.

This statement format is useful where the royalty recipient receives royalties on lots of titles, i.e. 50+ titles and you don’t want to print a 50+ page royalty statement. Many publishers will use the multi-title statement as backup for their accounts payable request while sending the more detailed regular statement to the author.

Before using this statement format we recommend that you create a new header for a landscape report in Options & Settings > Stationary. Call it Landscape. You will use this header on your landscape formatted reports.

Then from the Author Statements screen select the statements that you want to include (you can us the Advance button to filter the list for you). Then press the Documents button and select the Multi-Title format.