Windows 8

Our royalty software; Easy Royalties, works with Windows 8.

The Windows 8 platform features two major security improvements along with a modern tile based interface designed for tablets and smart phones.

Security Improvements

First, secure boot; on supported PCs, allows properly signed and authenticated components are allowed to execute during operating system startup. This is explained in the MSDN blog post below:

Second, Windows 8 loads your internet security software before all other startup apps. Malware cannot load first and turn off your security software.

Tile Based Interface

Windows 8 also present users with a new modern tile based start screen. Traditional programs; such as Office 2010 and Easy Royalties, run in the Windows 8 desktop environment.

If you want to reduce the learning curve for Windows 8 and preserve the traditional Windows 7 desktop look we recommend that you purchase the Start8 Windows 8 add-in ($4.99 USD) that provides;

  • Windows 7-style Start menu with Windows 8 enhancements
  • Search for Windows 8-style (Modern UI) apps
  • Pin desktop and Metro apps
  • Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop
  • Windows 8 Start screen accessible from the Start menu

You can purchase the Start8 add-in from

If you have any questions about running Easy Royalties under Windows 8 please feel free to contact us via email or phone.